Chunkloaders/Recipe Conflict

Discussion in 'Bug/crash reports' started by P46EY, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. P46EY

    P46EY New Member Beta Tester

    Firstly I only just noticed chunkloaders (chicken chunks) have been removed... no wonder nothing in my base has overflowed.
    Secondly, Im not sure if this is intentional but theres a recipe conflict with the ancient warfare chunk loaders.
    Basic Chunkloader crafts fine (8 stone bricks around an enderpearl) but the "Deluxe Chunkloader" has a recipe conflict.
    Recipe is 8 Obsidian around a Pearl but this crafts a void chest...

    Item IDs:
    Deluxe Chunkloader 253
    Void Chest 2891:11
  2. piron1991

    piron1991 Head Administrator Staff Member Site Administrator

    will be fixed

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