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By piron1991 on Aug 22, 2016 at 10:47 AM
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    Hello everyone, i am happy to announce that we have now a brand new Factorio server! Atm it is placed on same machine as unstable pack.

    To play in the server you need:
    Factorio stable version (0.13.20)
    And 2 small admin-like mods:
    Both can be installed through ingame menu

    AutoPVP allows to be randomly teleported to any spot with base resources being spawned around player so that allows us to keep it easy for players to join in,
    And spacebook is gui based admin mod.

    There are also some quirks to remeber about game itself:
    Game is p2p based so even that the game runs on server it doesnt mean it will be smooth, players with weak connection will have problems connecting or keeping game in sync and will stop other players from enjoying game while that happens.
    Keep also in mind that everytime any player joins he needs to download a map, that means excesive exploration might prolongate that process too(that said, 4k x4k map pregenerated while on testing weighted only 200 mb or so, but thats 200 to send to every player on each join, it can quickly accumulate in wait time)
    Also, since ik that question might happen, chat in game is same button as console so i suggest changing it in settings upon first launch

    Ps. Game uses faction based system but theres no easy way to manage it without both players and admin being in game at once. Because of that if someone wants to play in team with someone else please let me know earlier.

    With all that said you are all welcome to try it out at :

    08-09-2016: updated server to stable branch
    17-09-2016: updated to 14.7 and mods to autopvp-1,0,14 and spacebook-1,0,23. hoepufully should fix crashing
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Discussion in 'News' started by piron1991, Aug 22, 2016.

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