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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mathwiz617, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. mathwiz617

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    If Tiivi were to set up a new Custom pack, what mods would you like to see in it?

    I would like to see Reika's mods, Rotarycraft, Reactorcraft, Electricraft, and Chromaticraft. Yes, these mods are complex. However, I feel that there is freedom in the complexity, and power in the freedom.

    To go along with this, Thaumcraft and Thaumic Tinkerer (for the bedrock dimension) would work well.

    Unfortunately, some more popular mods would get left out (AE2, for example, doesn't work well with Chromaticraft).

    Anyone else have any ideas for content mods?
  2. piron1991

    piron1991 Head Administrator Staff Member Site Administrator

    first custom for 1.7 was done by tiivi and me, later on i was doing them mostly myself since tiivi didnt had time to invest in making packs. That said i also dont have time to do it anymore too so custom pack as it was probably wont return again.

    But even if someone would do custom pack, Reika's mods have such horrible rules to use his mods in packs that when i was considering using only chromaticraft it sitll was sitting betwen "private pack rules" and "public pack rules". not only that but theres also problem with modding community "expectance" of certain mods being there, theres a reason why ftb dont include Reika or GT mods in packs anymore, and both at some point were considered to be made into pack cenrtered around their mods.

    I told that to Spy and think i can say it here too, IF someone is willing to spend time on making pack i can assist in it and put it in launcher and on server but it will be mostly someones pack, as ,again, i dont have enough time to spend on actually making it.

    edit: Also we still have files for custom v2 i was working on like half year ago, before servers went down. it was i think mostly release ready, last thing to do with it was bugtesting on premade map(which was lost since and i didnt felt like redoing it)
  3. mathwiz617

    mathwiz617 Member

    I see. Well, I might try to put one together myself.
  4. P46EY

    P46EY New Member Beta Tester

    Ouch no AE2?? Deal breaker for me
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  5. mathwiz617

    mathwiz617 Member

    I *might* have figured out the problem - it could be that Practical Logistics is messing stuff up, not AE2. I'm checking that now.

    EDIT: Nope, it's ChC and AE2. I left Reika a bug report, maybe he'll have some suggestion.
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  6. mathwiz617

    mathwiz617 Member

    Ok, you have to disable "ExportItemsNames" in /config/AppliedEnergistics/CustomRecipies.cfg

    That'll get the two mods working together.
  7. mathwiz617

    mathwiz617 Member

    Anyone still interested in 1.7.10 besides me? I'm still working on this pack - currently getting Reika's input on custom recipes. I'm trying to make this like IE:E, with the mod integration, just with less grindyness.
  8. mathwiz617

    mathwiz617 Member

    Well, no custom recipes yet. Right now, I'm getting the basic pack up on the Curse launcher.

    EDIT: Need a description for the pack. I'm... not too good with that. Anyone want to help?
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