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Discussion in 'Support' started by Spiegel, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Spiegel

    Spiegel New Member

    So, in game, "Pink Slime Ball" from primitive mobs does not equate to "Pink Slimeball" from MFR. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not?
    This makes them useless as anything but regular slime. Pink Slime Crystals from MFR or TiC (I'm assuming MFR recipe replaced it?) cannot be made, nor Slimy Mud which then becomes Pink Slime Crystals from TiC. My end game here is essentially using the crystals for tinker tools.
  2. piron1991

    piron1991 Head Administrator Staff Member Site Administrator

    well pink slime from primitive mobs is not same pink slime from MFR so normal thats they are not same, i wont register them as equivalent as getting MFR one is simple enough

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