Specter key killed me D:

Discussion in 'Bug/crash reports' started by falnen, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. falnen

    falnen Tasty melon of awesomeness.

    Hello o/
    Dom asked me to write a report describing how i died a moment ago. so here it is.
    I was roaming the HK custom pack server looking for loot's like artifacts n'stuff, on my travels i found a specter ingot so i made a specter key and was using it to store my loots.
    I had found a few AE2 meteors and had gathered 3 of the 4 presses. While looking for more artifact towers i found a large meteor so i dug in and found 3 presses, so i used my specter key to see if they where the same ones i had already gathered(They where) when i used the key to go back to the overworld i fell thru the meteor and caught on fire, when i noticed i was falling i used the specter key to go back to the room.
    I did get back to the room and was safe, so i was thinking of what to do next when i was sent back to the overworld and died.(I didn't take the key out of my hand when i got back to the room so i guess it used itself again somehow)
  2. falnen

    falnen Tasty melon of awesomeness.

    Im guessing this was just bad luck for me rather than a bug.
  3. falnen

    falnen Tasty melon of awesomeness.

    Piro (I think) asked me to post what items i had when i died, then he said never mind. I wouldn't mind posting what i can remember if you want me to though. I think it would be easier to just grab my player dat from a backup tho.
  4. Kitteh

    Kitteh Server mascot

    Might I add that I have a spectre key as well, and when I returned to the overworld from the spectre dimension, I fell through the floor and kept falling. When I realized this was happening, I logged out. When I logged back in, I was at level 3 in a lava pool, and my death was 'KittenGrey fell from a high place'
    Also, the one time using the spectre key going into the spectre world, I got caught in an endless cycle of falling through the floor of the spectre room and getting tp'd back into the room, then falling and tping until I finally used the /spawn command to get myself out.

    Spectre Keys are bad :(
  5. piron1991

    piron1991 Head Administrator Staff Member Site Administrator

    sorry but any falling through world is caused by connection syncing and thats not something that can be controlled by us, it doesnt help that spectre world is not only in another dimension but only 1 block high on floor level
  6. falnen

    falnen Tasty melon of awesomeness.

    Ok, its been settled by now, but thanks for the info :)
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