Tinkers Construct Tools Not Accepting RF Upgrades

Discussion in 'Bug/crash reports' started by Kitteh, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. Kitteh

    Kitteh Server mascot

    I made both a Leadstone Enegry Cell and a Hardened Flux Capacitor, and you are supposed to be able to put them on Tinkers Tools as a modifier, but they just won't go on. whenever I put the tool and one of the Rf items in the Tool Station, nothing happens. The "Materials and You 2" book says those are the items that give the upgrade and yet nothing.
    My pick is Manyullyn with 2 of 3 modifiers on it already: redstone and lapis. It says it has 1 modifier slot available still. It is also at full durability.
  2. piron1991

    piron1991 Head Administrator Staff Member Site Administrator

    wrong assumptions here, RF modifier takes 2 modifiers for just how op it is, if i could i would disable it completly tbh;)
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